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Milk Frother | Handheld Electric Whisk

Milk Frother | Handheld Electric Whisk

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Handheld Battery Operated - Electric Whisk

Introducing Milky Boba's Handheld Whisk - The Ultimate mixer and milk frother!

  1. Creamy Bubble Tea Bliss in Seconds With a powerful high-speed motor, our Milky Bubble Tea Handheld Whisk effortlessly and swiftly spins to create the creamiest froth imaginable when paired with milk or any of our milk powders. Prepare your favorite bubble tea with a luscious foam topping that will elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level.
  2. Instant Frothing Magic Powered by 2 AA batteries, our bubble tea whisk up velvety froth in mere moments. Say goodbye to waiting, as you'll have a glass filled with milk foam ready for your bubble tea in no time.
  3. Simple and Serene Our handheld whisk boasts a straightforward one-touch switch and operates with minimal noise. Place it in a container with 1/3 liquid, and it'll perform its frothing and mixing magic without any fuss.
  4. Effortless Operation and Clean-up! No more hassle when it comes to using and cleaning your Milky Bubble Tea Handheld Whisk. Insert the batteries with ease, flick the on button, and there's no need to hold it down while frothing. Simply move the whisk up and down to achieve your desired amount of foam for a heavenly bubble tea experience.

With Milky Bubble Tea's Handheld Whisk, mixing and creating dreamy, frothy milk for your favorite bubble tea or mixing the most delightful mango powder drinks has never been this enjoyable and effortless. Get ready to elevate your bubble tea experience to a whole new level with our convenient and easy-to-use whisk!


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